Friday Dec 29, 2017


Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday. Welcome to Cinema, we are officially open for pre-join and ready to rock and roll!

Just a few things I want to go over real quick. We will have forums soon, that's in the process of being worked on and I will add that link when it's ready. We now have forums! Use the link in the header :) More Site Skins/Themes are being worked on so you have more of an option. Our shop system is in place, but we don't currently have a form of currency. Once I get that figured out, we will have a currency system and a way of trading in for cards. Finally, I have tested out all the games and forms, so everything should be working. IF for any reason something isn't working, please let me know with the contact form. We will have a "tech support" thread once we have forums.

That is all for now! I would like to note, during pre-join there is extra reward for donations, so please...DONATE!

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