Tuesday Mar 06, 2018


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Hey everyone! I apologize for missing you all over the weekend, but I did go into labor - it was rough and looooong, BUT everything is good and baby is healthy! Our little Eleanor Grace born on Sunday the 4th - which happens to be my late grandmother's birthday.

I'll be on hiatus for a couple weeks at least. Games will automatically update and please take 5 random cards from the Randomizer each week in place of deck release freebies. Welcome to the new members, but I apologize I won't be getting to member cards or deck making until I return. I won't be out of reach, you can still email me but I can't promise immediate response.

Thanks everyone!


Congratulations again Breanne!

took meninblack03, dirtydancing13, sttrinians06, lotr-galadriel10, potc-willturner20

thank you

Comment by Shell

Congratulations hope you are both doing well

took potc-willturner11, lotr-aragornarwen05, marleyandme10, 27dresses-janenichols02, proposal-margarettate19

Comment by Pam

Welcome to the world, Eleanor Grace :heart:

RANDOMIZER: hp-harrypotter13, shrek16, howtoloseaguy-benandie08, shrek-fiona13, pitchperfect-aubreyposen04

Comment by Fina


breakfastclub08, starwars-hansololeia04, avengers-clintbarton07, lotr03, mummy10

Comment by Betty

- Hiatus Randomizer (March 13, 2018): elf15, meangirls04, pitchperfect-aubreyposen19, elf09, pitchperfect12

and a HUGE congrats!

Comment by Alecks

got shrek-fiona03, titanic-jackrose16, proposal05, push-cassieholmes06, blackswan02

Comment by Catherine

Taking ironman-pepperpotts18, littlemermaid-ariel11, titanic-jackrose16, potc-jacksparrow09, beautifulcreatures18

Comment by Lex

Congrats on your baby! :) I took: Hiatus Randoms: elf03, push-nickgrant18, gingersnaps-brigittefitzgerald12, cityofbones-claryfray18, batmanrobin-poisonivy08

Thanks! :)

Comment by Whitney

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