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Hey everyone! I'm updating early because I have a few things to address.

First off, thank you to everyone who has joined so far! Pre-join will end on Saturday. All donations submitted will receive pre-join donation rewards. So if you've made any claims for donations, or would like to claim for donating, please get those in before midnight Saturday (pacific time).

Next, I would like to mention that I have a discussion going on the forums regarding character decks for movies that have a series. So please head over to this thread to join that discussion, I would like as much input as possible. That being said, the subject of discussion is having characters that appear in more than one of a series (example: Pitch Perfect, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avengers, etc) will only have one deck for their overall character in the entire series. Being that this is a very large subject TCG, we don't need 3-8 character decks for one person when we can condense it into one deck. I hope that makes sense! Again, please visit the thread linked above to join the discussion, I would really love your input.

That being said, I have revised some decks on the TCG, so please replace any cards you may have in the following decks:
- avengers-clintbarton
- ironman-pepperpotts
- misscongeniality-graciehart
- pitchperfect-becamitchell
- shrek-princessfiona

With this in mind and for future reference when claiming images for donations, if a character appears in a series of movies, please condense all images of that character from the whole series to appear in one deck. Hope that makes sense!

Lastly, I'm hiring for a deck maker! I'm looking for someone who is reliable and can make at least 5 decks every two weeks. This someone needs to have experience as a deck maker and/or TCG owner, also have Photoshop or ability to edit PSD files.

Alright I think that is all. Have a good week everyone!

New decks

You may take a total of 5 cards, no more than 2 per deck;
If you donated the images you may take an extra card.

You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.


tangled-rapunzel12, tangled-rapunzel13, bambi03, proposal-andrewpaxton13, scoobydoo-daphneblake12

thank you

Comment by Shell

New decks: bambi10, marleyandme-marley05, proposal-andrewpaxton04, scoobydoo-daphneblake08, tangled-rapunzel02

Comment by Mio

bambi07, bambi15, tangled-rapunzel02, tangled-rapunzel03, marleyandme-marley13

Thanks :)

Comment by Mez

New Decks: proposal-andrewpaxton07, proposal-andrewpaxton18, scoobydoo-daphneblake03, tangled-rapunzel05, tangled-rapunzel12 thanks!

Comment by Xtina

- Card Update: tangled-rapunzel01/02, bambi01, marleyandme-marley04, proposal-andrewpaxton08

Thank you!

Comment by Heather

New Decks: proposal-andrewpaxton08, proposal-andrewpaxton10, tangled-rapunzel06, tangled-rapunzel16, marleyandme-marley19.

Comment by Karen

New decks: bambi09, marleyandme-marley05, proposal-andrewpaxton03, scoobydoo-daphneblake07, tangled-rapunzel06


Comment by Lex

New Decks: tangled-rapunzel01, tangled-rapunzel02, proposal-andrewpaxton03, proposal-andrewpaxton04, bambi05
Breanne, I also sent you a contact form about being approved on the forums but I'm not sure if you got it, so I wanted to let you know about it here! (:
Thank you for the update!

Comment by Becca

took bambi12, marleyandme-marley02, proposal-andrewpaxton01, scoobydoo-daphneblake16, tangled-rapunzel20

Comment by Pam

New Decks: marleyandme-marley19, proposal-andrewpaxton01, proposal-andrewpaxton02, tangled-rapunzel01, tangled-rapunzel02


Comment by Bree

New decks: bambi01, marleyandme-marley07, proposal-andrewpaxton04, proposal-andrewpaxton07, tangled-rapunzel01

Comment by Guinevere

New Decks: bambi12, bambi14, tangled-rapunzel12, tangled-rapunzel13, marleyandme-marley06

Thank you! :)

Comment by Whitney

took bambi10, marleyandme-marley09, proposal-andrewpaxton01, scoobydoo-daphneblake01, tangled-rapunzel01

Comment by Catherine

New decks: tangled-rapunzel01, tangled-rapunzel02, proposal-andrewpaxton03, bambi04, bambi05


Comment by Fina

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